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How tight should I wear the Beauty Loop?  

For maximum comfort, start with the Beauty Loop loosely, no tighter than you would wear a ball cap. If upon waking it has moved out of position, tighten the Beauty Loop slightly tighter the next night. Repeat until finding your ideal fit.

Will the Beauty Loop work with any pillow and pillow case underneath?

The Beauty Loop is covered with a soft specialty fabric that works well with silk, cotton, flannel and really any material you currently use for your pillow case. If your pillow is extra full and supportive, you may find that a thinner pillow will work better with your Beauty Loop for maximum comfort.

Is the Beauty Loop bad for my hair or will it flatten or leave a dent in my hair? 

The Beauty Loop's specialty fabric very gently grips the hair and leaves it intact. Some find it gives extra volume especially if wearing the hair through the top of the Beauty Loop or when wearing the  hair in a pony tail over the top of the Beauty Loop . 

How often do I need to replace my Beauty Loop? 

We recommend that you replace your Beauty Loop each year or anytime you want a fun new look.

Can I wash my Beauty Loop?

Yes, refer to the wearing and caring instructions. 

Is the jewel removable?

Yes, you can wear the Beauty Loop with or without the jewel. Just be sure that the jewel  is securely fastened before wearing. 

I am an editor or blogger interested in reviewing the Beauty Loop. Do you offer samples? 

Thank you for your interest in featuring Beauty Loop. Please email for all media inquiries.

I am interested in selling your product in my office/store. Do you have any wholesale prices?

We are so happy to hear your excitement for Beauty Loop. At this time, we are compiling data for our national rollout and various sales strategies. Please send us as much information about your company to understand the type of business and volume you would expect with Beauty Loop. Send inquiries to