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The Beauty Loop® helps to keep the face lifted and protected throughout the night keeping your face from being crushed into your pillow

Beauty Loop® Benefits:

  • The Beauty Loop allows you to sleep in ANY position while keeping your face lifted and protected
  • The Beauty Loop helps to keep your face line and wrinkle free while you sleep
  • The Beauty Loop helps to reduce the flattening of your face that occurs over time from sleeping on your pillow
  • The Beauty Loop may help to reduce movement and flattening of your facial fillers
  • The Beauty Loop helps to keep eyelashes and lash extensions tangle free
  • The Beauty Loop is great to use after cosmetic procedures as well as a fantastic preventative
  • The Beauty Loop helps to keep your face off your pillow promoting clear acne-free skin
  • The Beauty Loop helps to keep your facial creams on your face and less on your pillow case

How the Beauty Loop® Works

The Beauty Loop Difference:

The Beauty Loop takes anti-aging to the next level. While there are many products to prevent sleep lines and wrinkles, the Beauty Loop is the only one that allows you the freedom to sleep in ANY position throughout the night without having to adjust and reposition. While previous generations of anti-aging pillows require you to sleep in one position or require your head to stay stationary throughout the night, the Beauty Loop ensures you will never again wake to find your face improperly positioned. Instead, wake up refreshed knowing that your face is properly lifted and protected helping to keep your face plump, smooth and wrinkle free.