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The Beauty Loop® Story

I created the Beauty Loop to use myself and never dreamed that I would be offering it to others. It all started when I noticed when waking that the sleep lines on my face didn't disappear as fast as they used to when I was younger. I also noticed that one side of my face was more flattened. To help with this, I tried to sleep on my back but unfortunately, it was just not comfortable. I tried about every anti-wrinkle pillow available and found that nothing worked for me. Some were ok but only worked if I kept my head in one position throughout the night and I found this to be just as difficult as trying to sleep on my back all night. I wanted something that would allow me to comfortably sleep on my back and both sides while keeping my face from getting crushed against my pillow. After all, aging and gravity do enough to our faces over the years and I certainly didn't want to help it along. 

I soon realized that the key was to have a loop that lifted my face away from my pillow, not a pillow that I had to align my face in. From there the Beauty Loop was born.

I designed the Beauty Loop to not only be effective, but also comfortable, adjustable and adorable. To me the Beauty Loop looked like a crown and every crown needs a jewel. That was the finishing touch needed to add the perfect amount of sparkle to the Beauty Loop. I want everyone wearing it to feel beautiful while getting their beauty sleep. 

Once I started using the Beauty Loop I noticed the difference in my face. I no longer woke up with sleep lines. My facial cremes stayed on my face and I'd wake with plump moisturized skin and as an additional bonus my neck and back didn't hurt anymore either!

While I knew sleeping with the Beauty Loop would be a great preventative to keep from getting these sleep lines in the first place, I realized that it was also beneficial for people to use after getting facial filler injections. Using the Beauty Loop allowed them to keep pressure off their face while sleeping. Some of my patients even indicated that they didn't need fillers as often once they started wearing the Beauty Loop. 

With my own experience as well as my patients I knew I had to make the Beauty Loop available to others. I am very passionate about helping people look and feel their best and I believe the Beauty Loop is one product we can't sleep without. It's not only great for those who want a natural way to help prevent sleep lines, but it is also wonderful for those who want to maintain any enhancements they have had. 

I'm in my mid-forties and wear the Beauty Loop every night. While I wish I had the Beauty Loop in my twenties to prevent the flattening and wrinking that has occurred from side sleeping, I have seen the amazing improvement in my face since using the Beauty Loop. I hope you love the Beauty Loop as much as I do and that it becomes a valuable addition to you beauty routine. 

Wishing you real beauty sleep,

Dr. Karrie Glasgow - Beauty Loop Founder