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The Eyes Have It

I admire gals like my friend Crystal who have beautiful dark hair, with dark eyes, lashes and brows. She looks great and her eyes stand out without a trace of makeup.
Beauty Pillow(Me, my husband and Crystal setting up the Beauty Loop Booth for the Women's expo)

Even if you weren't born with dark lashes there are some great options to wake up to darker lashes. Many years ago while on a family vacation in Whistler, British Columbia my mom and I got our  eyelashes tinted. While the rest of the family skied my mom and I were on a quest to beautify our lashes. 

Since I am fair skinned with light hair, eyes, brows and lashes having tinted lashes made my eyes pop. I loved waking up with noticeable lashes!  My mom also tried an eyeliner tattoo at the was nice but faded completely over the years. Thank goodness I didn't do an eyeliner tatoo ...because I think at that time I was wearing electric blue eyeliner (It was the 80's afterall!!!)

I haven't tried lash extensions because I love my lashes so much now (well...that is..since using Latisse and after applying mascara). I have seen some really terrible lash extensions in the know the kind where a couple of lashes are pointed in the wrong direction or the ones that dangle with each blink and are very unnatural looking. However, I visited a friend at Amazing Lash Studio and the gals coming out all had spectacular lashes. Wow...I had never seen lash extensions like this. They are dreamy, full, dark, soft and feathery and incredibly natural looking. I immediately got my mom a gift card to try them and she loves them! They look like her own lashes but are volumized and a deep black and look fantastic. The best part is she no longer needs mascara.  

Did you know the Beauty Loop will keep lash extensions in place while you sleep? If you get lash extensions and sleep on your side the Beauty Loop is a must!  The Beauty Loop will keep your extensions from getting smashed against your pillow and keep them lasting longer. No more waking up to your extensions out of place. Wear the Beauty Loop every night to protect your eyelash investment. 

eyelash pillow A note about my dear friend Crystal...without her the Beauty Loop would not exist. She spent endless hours and several late nights helping me in the development and design of the Beauty Loop. She is an amazing person and her talent is limitless. (Here we are testing out an early version of the Beauty Loop).