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Eyelash Doping

Lashes....long beautiful lashes are so pretty.  I love the look of full feathery non-clumpy lashes.  Unfortunately I was not born with those flirty lashes of my dreams.  However, I have learned a way to get something close over the years.


 (Me and my long-lashed and slightly sunburned husband in Steamboat, Colorado.) 

 I was born with lighter sparse eyelashes that are short and straight.  No matter how much mascara and lash curling I did they were never ideal.  My husband however has the most amazing natural lashes...seriously they are every gals dream lashes. They are dark, long, full and have the perfect curl.  I am so jealous! lashes(Me, Michael and our long lashes on a plane to Europe)

Everything changed when I started using Latisse.  It is my absolute favorite lash product! Latisse is a serum that is applied daily to the lash base and causes lashes to grow darker, fuller and longer over a period of 16 weeks. It changed everything for my lashes.  I went from having minimal lashes to now having luscious lashes that I love.  I even get compliments on my lashes and some people even think I have lash extensions!  What a difference Latisse has made for me!  (Now if only there were a serum like this for my short legs!) 

I have tried other lash serums but none have worked as well for me as Latisse.  Revitalash is another serum to help with lengthening.  Unlike Latisse, Revitalash is not a prescription and is plant based.  I found that when I stopped Latisse and switched to Revitalsh my lashes grew longer but they seemed less full and feathery so I switched back.  I also tried the ZO Ossential Lash Enhancing Serum which is a peptide that helps to grow the lashes but again I found that Latisse worked best for my lashes.  

latisseWhen I apply Latisse to my lashes and my husband sees me he teases me and says I am "doping".  He calls me Lance Armstrong because I am using steroids on my lashes to make them grow.  In response, I just give him a big smile and a seductive wink with my flirty, long, feathery steroid-enhanced lashes and I am always sure to get a kiss! (Us in Lake Como, Italy).