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Are You Polished?

Beautiful polished nails. I always admire women who keep their nails well manicured.. And to me...when I see women with beautiful well kept nails...she just looks….well... dare I say…..polished!! My mom impressed this upon me. All my life her nails have always been polished and pretty. Even before nail salons were everywhere, she would make sure her nails were always beautiful. She always looked polished.

(Me and my friend Emily with our pretty red nails...her nails are ALWAYS polished and so is she) 

Nail polish, antiaging, Anti-Wrinkle


The first time I got my nails done professionally was when I  was a teenager while on a family vacation in New York City. One of the highlights of the trip was going to a salon and having acrylic nails put on (Is it terrible that the highlight of the trip was not the Statue of Liberty or Rockefeller Center but rather my first manicure??) In my defense, I was young and keep in mind at this time in Minnesota there were not nail salons everywhere like there is now. We tend to run a few years behind in Minnesota. It was such a special treat for me. Who knew that acyrilc nails would make me feel so beautiful and grown up!! 

It is so nice now to have nail salons everywhere. Unfortunately a standard manicure doesn't last long for me so it was amazing when gel nail polish came on the market. My manicure would last 2 weeks and still look great. The only bad thing is that my own nails underneath the gel polish were getting destroyed and became paper thin. They were weaker and thinner than ever before so unfortunately I had to give them up. of my biggest complaints of the gel nail is that darn UV light. I don't want my hands to get sun damaged and look old and wrinkled. (Which reminds me… to remind you...don't forget to put sunscreen on the backs of your hands daily). After giving up on the gel polish I did give the Jamberry nail wraps a try, however they did not last long enough for me and I found that they would peel off easily.   

Nail polish, Anti-Wrinkle pillow, sidesleeper

(Me and mom in Rome enjoying the best frozen coffee drink. Notice my mom's beautiful long white nails and my short shiny red ones...they lasted our entire trip without even a chip).  

Now instead of the gel polish my new favorite find is the the nail dip. Have you heard of this?  My mom was the first to try this out and she raved about it so I soon followed and got my first dip. Basically it's a non-acrylic powder that your natural nail is dipped into. No damaging UV or LED light is needed at all!!! These last even longer than the gel polish...I can usually get 3 weeks out of them before I need to have them done again and the only reason I need to get them redone is because of the growout. They are thinner then the gel but just as strong. They are so shiny and look fantastic. And the best part is that they are  less damaging on your own nail. The brand that my nail salon uses is SNS

nail polish white

(Me taking a nail polish selfie at work)

When I get my nails done I feel like that teenage girl in New York City all over again. Now I keep my nails short for my job but they are pretty much always polished, pretty and shiny. I take some “me time” once every three weeks and my mom and I go to the nail salon together and get our nails dipped which is always so fun. I absolutely love red and my mom only does white. I love the opaque white too... it is classic and looks great with everything.

Red nail polish, antiwrinkle pillow, sidesleeper

(I am not sure if I am showing off my soup or my manicure in this photo)

If you haven't already, the next time you get your nails done, skip the gel and give the dip a try! You'll love it!!!