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Acne, Jessica Simpson, and Silicone Oh My!

Acne anyone?

I had acne as a teen and into my late twenties.  My mom would say “yes you  do have pimples but the skin around them looks really good." Gee, thanks mom!  It wasn't until I got older that I realized what was going on with my skin and how to care for it. 

I met Jessica Simpson once when I was in college.  She was at a store in Minnesota signing autographs. I went to give to her lipstick samples that my company created specifically for her. It wasn't too long after we met that she came out with Dessert Beauty, her own line of flavored lipsticks and cosmetics. I wonder if she got the idea from the samples I gave her?  

Not only was Jessica very sweet, but her makeup and hair were spectacular! Seriously, her hair looked like spun gold and her skin was flawless. She shared with me that the foundation she was wearing was Armani Luminous Silk and I had to have it. Unfortunately we didn't have Armani cosmetics in Minnesota 17 years ago so I ordered it from a store in Chicago and instantly fell in love. This foundation was unlike any other makeup I had used. It was silky, thinned out nicely but with beautiful coverage, and it looked amazing in person and in photos. I even wore it on my wedding day. While the makeup looked great, unfortunately my skin underneath did not. I wore it anyway because at the time I didn't realize I was reacting to the makeup. Wedding Day makeup, Armani Makeup, Luminous Silk Foundation

(Wearing Armani Luminous Silk foundation August 2005)

It wasn't until I changed foundations that I realized it was the silicone that was causing my acne.  I switched to the Scott Barnes Cream Foundation that Jennifer Lopez used.  Scott Barnes is a talented makeup artist responsible for the coveted "J-Lo glow".  While I never quite got her glow, I did discover that my acne was improving just by switching to this foundation and this made me beam with happiness. His makeup did not have the same silicones that the Armani foundation had and my skin started clearing up and my makeup looked beautiful. (Unfortunately this makeup is now discontinued). I was so thankful for J-Lo and Scott Barnes!

Besides ingredients in products, how we sleep can also be contributing to acne. Did you know that the Beauty Loop promotes clear, acne free skin?  It works by keeping your face lifted from your pillow so that the bacteria, oils and dirt on your pillow stay away from your face helping to prevent  "acne mechanica" a type of acne breakout.  It also helps to keep all your topical acne-fighting products on your face instead of rubbed off on your pillow case.  Oh how I wish I had the Beauty Loop back when I was struggling to get rid of my acne.  

Beauty Pillow, anti-wrinkle, beauty loop, (Demonstrating that the Beauty Loop creates a space between your face and your pillow)

According to a recent article in Allure magazine, Dr. Dendy Engelman, a leading New York dermatologist says that "the object touching your face while you sleep can be quite impactful on your skin. When you don't wash your pillowcase enough, you put yourself at risk for this form of acne. You "risk buildup of hair product residue, dirt, makeup residue, dead skin cells, oil, and anything else from the environment that could have come in contact to transfer to your skin".

My beauty lesson learned is to listen to your skin and keep it protected from sources of inflammation both day and night. 


P.S. If you aren't sensitive to silicone you should try Armani Luminous's beautiful on the skin.